Smart Irrigation System

10 December 2016


In most planting scenarios, water is indispensable and has important impact on environment. In fact over irrigation induces over fertilizer and pesticide which will pollute groundwater. A suitable watering scheduling will normally improve plant growing, minimize resource consumption and reduce pollution. However, an existing problem is that many planters do not have the full knowledge on how to practise the right irrigation schedule. The solution of SIS (Smart Irrigation System) tries to overcome this problem. SIS is a user friendly and remotely controllable embedded system. It helps the less-knowledge planters growing plants and save water resource.

The SIS can be customised to adapt different scenarios from small gardens, greenhouses to large farms. The customisability is also an important approach to lower the price of the whole system. Moreover, the SIS can be easily extended as a general solution for precision agriculture in near future.

Descriptif des ressources

1 machine (gabarit m1.large)

  • 4 CPU (XEON E5-2630 2.4GHz)
  • RAM:8GB
  • Disque dur de 80 GB

Professeur des Universités